De toekomst van Landelijkhuisje: Inspireren en vernieuwen

The future of Landelijkhuisje: Inspire and innovate

Hello all,

I hope you are doing well. Today I would like to share something nice with you about the future of Landelijkhuisje. It's incredible that we've been active for two years and what started as a hobby on Instagram has grown into a successful webshop. But let's take a look at what the future has in store for us.

A period of creativity and growth

The past two years have been a wonderful time, full of creativity and growth. Landelijkhuisje originated from my love for a rural interior and the desire to share this passion with others. We have grown thanks to you, our wonderful customers, who appreciate and are inspired by the Country Cottage style.

Continue to innovate and surprise

What's next? We intend to continue to innovate and surprise. You inspire us every day, and we want to ensure that Landelijkhuisje remains a place where lovers of rural interiors can find something special. That is why we are considering expanding our range with exclusive brands and who knows, maybe even our own collection. Creating our own Country House collection seems like a wonderful opportunity to fully utilize our creativity.

Exclusive brands and our own collection

Adding exclusive brands to our webshop is the next step in our adventure. We want to offer products that not only match the Country House style but also offer added value to your interiors. The idea of ​​our own collection is exciting, and it allows us to leave a unique mark on the rural interior. After all, our customers deserve the very best.

Inspire and meet: Atmospheric days for everyone

One of the highlights of Landelijkhuisje is the opportunity to meet you personally on our atmosphere days. The direct contact and exchange of ideas are valuable. We certainly want to continue organizing these atmospheric days in the future and make them even more accessible to everyone with a love for rural interiors.


We are grateful for all our customers who are part of Landelijkhuisje. Without you, none of this would have been possible! We hope to inspire and surprise you in the coming years with everything that is yet to come.

Lots of love,
Rural cottage

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