Achter de schermen bij Landelijkhuisje: Een kijkje in de fotografie van de kerstcollectie

Behind the scenes at Landelijkhuisje: A look at the photography of the Christmas collection

Hello all,

With the holidays in full swing, I would like to share a behind-the-scenes look at one of the special moments at Landelijkhuisje. It has now become an annual ritual that we always look forward to with great pleasure: the photo shoot for the Christmas collection that will star in various home magazines.

The creative process: Inspiration and decoration

It all starts months in advance. Photographers often approach us well in advance to photograph our house, especially for the Christmas edition. It is a creative process in which I spend countless evenings browsing Instagram and Pinterest, looking for inspiration to decorate our home as attractively and innovatively as possible. It is a celebration of creativity, an opportunity to gain new ideas and create a warm, rural atmosphere.

The day of the photo shoot: Behind the scenes

On the day of the photo shoot, the photographer comes to our home. Each room is carefully captured, and we pay extra attention to the Christmas collection. It is always an exciting day, but also a day full of fun. Together we will work to ensure that everything looks perfect for the camera. We not only want to put the products in the spotlight, but also convey the warmth and coziness of our home.

At the end of the photo shoot there is always a moment when we have our picture taken. We want readers to know who is behind Landelijkhuisje, so a personal touch is important. It is a nice end to an intensive day, where we can look back with pride on what we have achieved.

Dreaming about publication: What will 2024 bring?

This year it's that time again: the photographer comes to our home to capture the Christmas collection for various home magazines. Exactly which magazines these will be remains a surprise. But one thing is certain: as soon as the publications are in sight, I will definitely let you know. It's always a special moment to see our work in print, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Closing: Holidays and prospects

As we prepare for the photo shoot, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays, full of love and fun. On to a healthy and happy 2024! Thank you for your enthusiastic support, and I look forward to sharing more Landelijkhuisje moments in the coming year.

Lots of love,

Team Rural House

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