Betoverend kerstshoppen bij Landelijkhuisje: Ontdek onze nieuwste collectie

Enchanting Christmas shopping at Landelijkhuisje: Discover our latest collection

Hello all,

The holidays are approaching, and at Landelijkhuisje we are thrilled to share our latest Christmas collection with you. We have done our utmost to create a range that offers something for everyone, with a selection of handmade decorations. Let's take a look together and discover what makes this Christmas so special.

Angels in the spotlight

This year, angels are the fashion when it comes to Christmas decorations. I can hear you thinking: aren't angels a bit old-fashioned? Absolutely not! We have unique variants, such as the angel tea holder. This beautiful angel is made of bubbling glass, which makes it enchantingly illuminated as soon as you light it. And what about our concrete angels? Cute and perfect to combine with the concrete dinner candle holder. A contemporary twist on a classic theme.

Handmade decoration

At Landelijkhuisje we are enthusiastic about the handmade items, which occupy a special place in our Christmas collection. Take, for example, the Fylou Christmas stocking, the Fylou dress, the Fylou table runner and the Fylou placemats. All beautiful products, made by hand with love. Made of coarse linen and treated with lime paint and finished with an eye for detail. These items return annually in our Christmas decorations, and we hope that they also give your Christmas a touch of authentic charm.

Atmospheric Christmas trees

A Christmas without Christmas trees is like a winter without snow. This year we have a wide choice of attractive nobilis trees, both real and artificial. But that's not all - we also have several other varieties of Christmas trees that are perfect for decorating your interior. From traditional to contemporary, there is something for everyone.

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Or are you still looking for that perfect addition to your festive decor? Take a quick look at our Instagram or website for the latest Christmas inspiration. We regularly share updates and ideas to help you create an enchanting Christmas atmosphere in your home.

We wish you a lot of anticipation and hope that our Christmas collection will be a sparkling addition to your holidays.

Lots of love,
Rural cottage
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