Creatief en gezellig: Maak zelf vogeltaartjes met Landelijkhuisje!

Creative and fun: Make your own bird cakes with Landelijkhuisje!

Hello all,

Today I want to share my passion for creativity with you!

As many of you may already know, I like to be creative. And what could be more fun than making something together that not only you, but also others enjoy? I always enjoy fun, both indoors and outdoors, and that's why I'm sharing a fun Do It Yourself with you today: making bird cakes. A simple project that you can enjoy not only yourself, but also the birds in your garden.

Why Bird Cakes?

I love it when there is some life going on, especially outside in my garden. Seeing birds flying back and forth always brings a smile to my face. And what could be more fun than spoiling them with homemade treats? Below I explain step by step how to make these cozy bird cakes.

Step-by-step plan: Making bird cakes

1. Line a cake tin with foil:
Start by lining a cake pan with foil. This ensures that the cakes come out of the mold easily.

2. Melt Vegetable Frying Fat:
Melt about a kilo of vegetable frying fat and then let it cool slightly.

3. Add Birdseed:
Mix bird seed into the melted fat until a nice substance is formed.

4. Add Additional Ingredients:
Add currants, raisins, apple pieces or oatmeal to the mix. Stir this regularly until it has cooled completely.

5. Pour the Mixture into the Mould:
Pour the mixture into the cake tin.

6. Decorate the Top:
Finish it off by decorating the top with peanuts, dried oranges, nuts, popcorn, cranberries and sunflower seeds.

7. Let the Bird Cake Set:
Let the bird cake set for at least one day. Place the cake where you can see it clearly from your home, so you can enjoy the birds enjoying their meal.

1. For an extra large bird cake you can use two molds or use a bundt pan.

2. Gift giving is extra fun!
Not only is it fun to enjoy these bird cakes yourself, but they are also a great gift idea for friends or family. Place the cake on a wooden board or plate and add a personal touch. Do you bet that the recipient will enjoy it as much as the birds in the garden?

I hope you have been inspired and have as much fun making these bird cakes as I do. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram when you share your creations. Lots of love from Landelijkhuisje!

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