Creatieve sferen in de oude boerenschuur: Ontdek de workshops van Landelijkhuisje

Creative atmospheres in the old barn: Discover the workshops of Landelijkhuisje

Hello all,

I would like to take you to one of the best creative activities at Landelijkhuisje: the green workshops that are held in an old barn, where we get creative during our annual workshops. It's really nice to see how these workshops are becoming more and more popular, and I'd like to take you through what we do during the workshops:

Four times a year

Our workshops, which take place four times a year, have become a great success. During the workshop we will work creatively to create a beautiful piece for your interior. These workshops are very enjoyable and suitable for anyone who loves green decorations and a rural interior.

Seasonal greenery decorations

What makes our workshops so unique is the fact that they are always seasonal. Every season brings new inspiration, new materials and new possibilities for creating attractive green decorations. Whether it is the freshness of spring, the warmth of summer, the splendor of autumn or the coziness of winter, there is always something new to discover and create.

The setting: Our old barn

The workshops take place in our old barn, a place with cozy rural charm. Here we come together with a friendly group, where a morning, afternoon or evening is spent making attractive green decorations. Of course, while enjoying coffee and tea and something tasty.

Creativity for everyone

The workshops are for anyone who enjoys being a bit creative, and that is why the workshop is accessible to everyone. We deliberately keep our groups small, so that there is enough guidance during the workshop. Full is really full, so every participant can receive the attention needed to make his or her green area as desired.

What can you expect?

During our workshops you can always choose from different pieces. Think of twilights, wreaths, candlesticks, garlands and many more creative green decorations that can transform your home in an instant. It is not only an opportunity to make something beautiful, but also to learn new skills and gain inspiration.

Registering is simple

Would you like to participate in one of our workshops? This can easily be done by email: On our workshop page you will find the exact dates of the new workshops. Let us know how many people you want to come with, on what date and at what time, and we will provide a pleasant workshop with coffee, tea and something tasty.

Stay informed

Be quick, because our workshops are filling up quickly. We want to maintain a cozy atmosphere in which everyone feels at home. Follow our workshop page for updates and new dates or provide your email address via the contact page. You will then automatically receive an email. We are looking forward to being creative together.

See you soon!
Love, Team Rural House
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