Creëer warmte en sfeer: 5 Must-have woonaccessoires voor de winter bij Landelijkhuisje

Create warmth and atmosphere: 5 Must-have home accessories for the winter at Landelijkhuisje

Hello all,

With the arrival of the dark days, it is time to make the house cozy and warm. After all, winter is the period when we long for coziness and atmosphere. That is why in this article I would like to share the 5 must-have home accessories for winter, which will make your home not only stylish, but also comfortable.

Sheepskins in Various Variants
Sheepskins are an absolute must-have for winter, and nowadays they are available in all kinds of variants. For example, in our webshop you will find beautiful sheepskin wall hangings. Hang a sheepskin over the sofa for a warm touch. In addition to the decorative aspect, sheepskin also actually brings warmth to your home.

Atmospheric lanterns with LED candles
Nothing creates more atmosphere in your home than lighting, and that is why we always bring out our beautiful lanterns. Filled with coffee beans and equipped with LED candles that you can easily operate with a remote control. This way, the candles always burn when you want them to, which creates a cozy atmosphere, especially during the dark winter evenings.

Table runners for a cozy dining table
With the dark days, dinner becomes a nice cozy moment. What could be more fun than an attractively set table? Our table runners are an absolute must-have. They bring that extra bit of warmth and atmosphere to the table, making your meals extra cozy.

Green decorations for an extra touch
A green decoration is often just what you are missing in your home. Whether it concerns a tuft, wreath, or some extra branches in a pot; green decorations add a natural element to your interior. You can also decorate branches with beautiful (Christmas) hangers for a festive touch.

Large jars as an eye-catcher
This year, large jars are all the rage to incorporate into your interior. They serve as beautiful eye-catchers, perfect for filling with a few branches or a beautiful plaid. It gives a cool look to your home and is fun to decorate in both winter and summer, both indoors and outdoors.

I hope these tips help you prepare your interior for winter and that you enjoy these must-have items as much as I do. For more inspiration and style tips, check out our Instagram.

Lots of love from Landelijkhuisje!

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