Decoreren met stijl: 5 Tips van Landelijkhuisje voor een sfeervol landelijk interieur

Decorating with style: 5 Tips from Landelijkhuisje for an attractive rural interior

Hello all,

Decorating is an art in itself, especially if you have lived in the same house for years. Sometimes you just want to try something new, but it can be challenging to make the right changes or get that feeling of completeness. I am here to help you with 5 simple and practical tips to help you decorate your home.

Lanterns with a Twist

Do you already know our lanterns? They are a well-known item in the Country style. We have them in different designs and sizes, but sometimes it can be difficult to decorate them in the perfect way. Our secret? Coffee beans! Fill your lantern with coffee beans and discover what a difference it makes. It is a simple, cheap and budget-friendly way to immediately create a cozy atmosphere. Also try it with large spoons or a mortar!

Shabby Cloths for Playfulness

Shabby cloths are our favorite because you can use them for anything. Hang them on pots, cupboards, the oven or a wall rack. They bring playfulness to your interior and add structure, especially to a concrete pot, for example. In our webshop we have shabby cloths in different sizes, printed and unprinted. Ideal for any decoration!

LED Candles: The Magic of Lighting

A secret for an attractive home with little effort? LED candles! Although I was initially a big opponent of LED candles, I am now a huge fan. Our collection contains beautiful candles from Countryfield that almost look real when they are lit. From blunt candles to tea lights and dinner candles, all can be controlled with one remote control. It's easy and very atmospheric!

Green as a contrast in your interior

In a rural interior, the natural tones can sometimes become a bit monotonous. Add some extra contrast with green accents. They can be tufts or wreaths, but also small pine branches in a bowl or branches from a tree in a large pot. By adding these elements, your interior will gain more playfulness and really come to life.

Eye-Catchers for impact

Last but not least: real eye-catchers make your interior interesting without many additions. Think of large concrete pots, such as those in our webshop. For example, place one in the hallway with beautiful branches, and you will notice that people immediately respond to it. Sometimes 'less is more', and a statement piece can be just what you need.

I hope these tips have given you some inspiration. Are you curious about more style tips? Then take a look at our Instagram, where we share new inspiration every day. Lots of love from Landelijkhuisje!
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