Groen geluk: Handgemaakte groendecoraties bij Landelijkhuisje

Green happiness: Handmade green decorations at Landelijkhuisje

At Landelijkhuisje we do more than just sell home accessories and furniture; we also create handmade green decorations with love. Since this year I have been joining my creative forces with my sister to bring these green showpieces to life. Making green decorations is not just a fun activity for us, but a way to surprise people and beautify their interiors.

Personalized greenery decorations

We have examples of the green decorations on our website, but the great thing is that you can fully personalize them. If you would like other green products in the arrangement, we are happy to customize it for you. We offer a variety of greenery decorations, including tufts, wreaths and garlands. This year we even had the pleasure of decorating a wedding completely in country style with our green decorations.

Green decorations not only bring life to your interior, but you can also enjoy them for a long time. They add a touch of natural beauty to any space and bring a feeling of freshness and serenity.


If you ever want to make a green decoration yourself, we invite you to participate in one of our workshops. Held in an attractive barn, we take you step by step through the creative process. It is a morning or afternoon filled with creativity, and as a reward you will go home with a beautiful piece of greenery that you will enjoy for a long time.

Please contact us

Whether you are looking for a decorative piece for your own home, want to give a personalized gift or want the perfect green touch for your wedding, we are ready to meet your needs. View our website for inspiration or send us an email with a personal request.

Do you also want to bring the beauty of green into your home? Take a look at our website or send us an email. Lots of love from the Landelijkhuisje team!

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