Terugblik op de open sfeerdagen 2023 bij Landelijkhuisje

Looking back on the open atmosphere days 2023 at Landelijkhuisje

The open Christmas spirit days of 2023 at Landelijkhuisje are over again, and what a great success they were! Four times a year we transform our house into a rural cottage full of inspiration and coziness, and this time everything was about Christmas. It is always a special event that we look forward to.


We are often asked whether we actually live in this house. We answer with a smile that this is indeed our house, but that normally less stuff fills the space. We start transforming our house a week in advance. The kitchen, living room and hallway are cozy and attractively decorated with as much inspiration as possible, so that visitors can look around at their leisure.

In the garden we transform the environment with cozy stalls, decorated with our favorite home accessories and green decorations. A crackling campfire, delicious coffee, tea and chocolate milk complete the setting. The open atmosphere days are an opportunity for us to meet our customers in person. It's great to see how we can inspire you and share our passion for a rural atmosphere together.

What makes these days extra special is that our house is the same every time, but is decorated completely differently each time. This keeps it challenging for us and surprising for you. It is a pleasure to discover how many people come and what you think of the styling.

Closing date 2023

As we close this year we would like to thank you for your presence and enthusiasm. We wish everyone happy holidays and look forward to next year, to our first edition of the open atmosphere days of 2024! Thanks for a great year and see you soon. Love, Rural House team.

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