Van Hobby naar Sfeervolle Webshop: Lees hoe Landelijkhuisje is ontstaan.

From Hobby to Atmospheric Webshop: Read how Landelijkhuisje came into existence.

When I look back on the past two years, I am still amazed at how my little hobby has grown into an attractive webshop called Landelijkhuisje. It all started as a passion for rural interior design, a love that I took with me everywhere and that inspired me to collect old home accessories that could decorate my home in a cozy and attractive way.

I still remember how every time I found something new, I would take a photo as a hobby and share it on my Instagram account with my followers. My account happened to be called Landelijkhuisje. Slowly but surely my followers grew, and one day my daughter asked the question: "Why don't you start an online store?" At first I laughed, but over time I was asked more and more often where I got my new country home accessories.

So, as my Instagram account was already called, we started Landelijkhuisje, my own webshop. The first orders started pouring in after a few days, but I never expected it to end up being such a great success. What started as a personal passion grew into something that people were actually looking for.

In addition to the webshop, we have also started organizing open atmosphere days. On these days I transform my entire house into a lively rural home full of inspiration. It's great to see people walking around, getting ideas and enjoying the warm atmosphere we try to convey.

But that is not everything. We now also give workshops, where we make green decorations together and get creative. It's great to see people expressing their creativity while enjoying each other's company. It is an opportunity to share the passion for rural living and inspire others.

I really enjoy every moment I spend on Landelijkhuisje. Every day I receive messages on Instagram in which people thank me or ask for advice for their interior. It's incredible to think that I can help and inspire others based on my own passion.

What started as a hobby is now my job, and I am grateful for every aspect of it. I want to thank everyone who is part of this adventure. Without you, Landelijkhuisje would not have been possible. Lots of love, Corrie.

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